Skincare On A Budget

With the economy the way it is today (although I hear it's on the up) a lot of us have been left tightening the purse strings and cutting back on little luxuries such as eating out, clothes shopping and beauty buys.  Or some of you may just not be able to justify splashing out on expensive skincare products.  However, there are still a great range of drugstore products out there that work just as well and here are a few I have in my bathroom cabinet.

This is a great little cleanser that comes out in a foam consistency.  I just apply 3 pumps into my hands and then rub it evenly over a wet face.  Once it's all rubbed in I wash it off and my skin is left feeling soft and clean.

I have dry to normal skin and this product is perfect for it.  It's nice and gentle but still has a small amount of beads in it that is going to get rid of the dirt and make-up on my skin.  I put a small amount on my hands and work in circular motions across wet skin then just wash off.

This is one of my all time favourite drugstore skincare products and I can't stop raving about it.  It's so so good and removes all eye make-up but is still really gentle, doesn't sting or pull out any eyelashes.  It's a miracle worker for those of us that like to wear a lot of eye make-up and mascara!

This is another great product for people with dry skin.  It's quite rich so it really sinks in and soaks up any dry patches.  I apply this about 3 times a day because I love the feeling of my skin afterwards and feel that it really hydrates it.

These are unbelievably cheap but actually really good and I always repurchase them.  It's so easy to just pop them in with my shopping.  I find some face wipes to be a bit dry but these are so moist and get everything off.

Another Simple product as I find this range really good for dry skin.  I was looking for an eye cream and I'm not sure this works in the same way but it's so cool and soothing that I love applying it after a long day when my eyes feel tired.  Or even in the morning if I need a quick pick me up, this really energises my eyes leaving them feeling brightened and more awake.

I also did a night time skincare routine on my YouTube channel which you can view here.

Lauren xx


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