DIY Ombre Hair

Ombre hair or 'dip dyed' hair is when just the ends of the hair have been highlighted to give a sun kissed look.  You can dye the ends any colour you want though really although blonde/caramel seems to be the most popular choice.  I also think red looks quite nice.

Rachel Bilson
I had this hair look about 2 years ago now but it does still seem to be pretty popular and I've been having a few thoughts about what to do with my hair when I take my extensions out.  I want to change the colour quite drastically so I'm thinking ombre, all over highlights or maybe a funky purple colour??

Fortunately for me my sister is a hairdresser so she will always do my hair but as she is generally quite busy when it comes to colour I do like to have a go myself.  There are loads of at home ombre kits you can get now or even just a highlighting blonde colour you can just put on the ends so I think if I do this I may have a go myself.  Where I have already seen my sister do it I wanted to share a few little tips with you.

So firstly you take your dye kit and maybe test the colour on a small strand of hair first just to see how blonde it's going to come out and how long you need to leave it on for for the colour to really develope.

Once you're happy with the colour then you need to backcomb your hair.  I know this sounds mad but by backcombing the hair you can then apply the colour to the ends up to the backcombed bit.  If that makes sense?  This way you're not going to get an even line of colour around your hair because that will look unnatural and the ombre effect is all about looking messy and like you have just 'dipped' the ends in dye.

Once you've applied the colour to the ends you can then put some tin foil over it to help it develop more, if you wanted a brighter blonde.  You probably need to leave the colour on for about 20-30 minutes.

Then just wash it all off, twice with shampoo and once with conditioner to make sure all the bleach is out and you should have a great ombred do!

The ends will get pretty dry after ombreing so you want to make sure you use a good conditioner, hair mask once a week and hair oil on the ends after washing.  Don't use too many heat tools on it either and use protectants if you do.

I hope it all goes well and I will be sure to post some pictures of my hair once I decide what to do!

Dip dye?


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