The Perfect Backpack

I'm looking for a backpack that I can take to work so will be smart but also stylish/up to date/on trend.  As much as I love my other *ahem* designer handbags, like most girls I pack them out with so much rubbish that it becomes too heavy for my little arms to carry to work and back every day (I walk about 2 miles everyday).  I am also concerned about back and shoulder problems that could ensure from carrying a heavy bag on the same arm every day.  If I had a backpack I could wear this on both shoulders and evenly distribute the weight.  However, I don't want some geeky backpack, sports bag or kiddy rucksack.  I want something stylish and trendy that will look smart for work so I have been on the hunt for the perfect backpack and thought I would share my findings with you...

First up is this black leather one by Phillip Lim.  It's on the pricey side at £740 but I wanted to put in a mixture of designer and high street on here.  I do love my designer bags though as I find them an investment because if you look after them and if they're well made (which one would expect at such a high price), they will last forever.

Next is another black one by Topshop.  This one is a bit more funky with it's tassels and you could use it outside of work, at festivals etc too because it has a kind of hippie vibe to it.  The only problem I would find is that it's suede therefore could get ruined in the rain.  Other than that I think it's a great backpack for just £65.

Then there's this one by Alexander Wang but which I wasn't too sure on at first but the more I look at it, the more I like it.  I also think Cara Delevinge has this so it's quite a funky street style bag but I think it looks smart at the same time.  It comes in 3 different colours.  Because I was not 100% sure on it I don't think I would go for this one as at £915 it's a lot of money to spend when you're not sure on something.

Then I found this one at Accessorize which is a light coloured one so would be nice for summer.  It looks rather big in size and a bargain at just £35.  My only qualm with this one would be that the light colour could get tarnished quickly and be hard to keep clean. Especially if like me you have to travel on dirty public transport.

That is about all the decent backpacks I could find.  Who knew it could be so hard to find a bag!  I hope you found this post useful and let me know if find the perfect backpack.

Lauren xx


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