My Top 5 MUST HAVE blushes!

These are some of my top favourite blushes at the moment.  I tried to make sure I had a good colour range and mixture of drugstore/high end products.

Bobbi Brown - apricot

First up is one by Bobbi Brown that I recently bought.  I'm a real fan of peachy toned blushers and don't like anything too pink so this one is perfect if that's the kind of shade you like too.

MAC - dollymix

It was really hard to choose only one MAC blusher as there are so many I like.  As I said, I wanted to show a mixture of shades so I thought I would go for a more pinky toned one. Although I do prefer peachy tones I do quite like to wear a pink on my cheeks if I'm going out in the evening as I find that it shows up more than the peach ones and you can't get more pink than dollymix!

Nars - orgasm

I don't think this one needs much of a review as it's a beauty cult product.  This gives a nice flushed glow to the cheeks and can be built up to your desired colour.

Rimmel - smoked oyster

This blush is more of a pinky brown and great for a subtle daytime look.  I think it was a pretty popular colour in the beauty world and I'm not sure you can even get hold of this one anymore.  Maybe try Amazon or eBay.

Sleek - rose gold

This is a beautiful shimmery pale pink colour.  It's great for nights out and doubles up as a highlighter.  And it's a bargain too at only £4.50!

I hope you found this useful and I think they're all worth checking out if you're looking for a new blush to add to your collection :)

Lauren xx

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