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I don't know about you but when I go into Boots or Superdrug I'm always drawn to the make-up aisles and checking out the latest drugstore products.  I do own quite a few high end products as I like to mix it up but I'll always have a love for drugstore and some products I actually prefer over high end and will continue to purchase again and again.  So here are my faves...

I purchased this about a month ago and I'm really really happy with it (as the name suggests ;))  Although I'm not an overly oily person it does stop my face from getting oily in the areas that do and works as a great base for my foundation.  You do have to blend it in quite quickly as it's rather fast drying but other than that no complaints.

This is a really good foundation and the colour matches me perfect as I do wear fake tan. It has a yellow undertone to it which matches my skin tone and covers any redness or blemishes without looking too cakey.

Concealer: Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection in light

This is probably the most rated beauty product amongst bloggers and I think everyone and their dog should have it.  Okay maybe not dog!  But it's sooooooooo gooooooooood and under £5!  I use this as an everyday concealer and mainly for work to get rid of dark circles.

This is another favourite amongst bloggers and beauty gurus and I'm sure most of you have read all the reviews on the internet about it anyway.  I just lightly dust this over the parts of my face that get oily and also to set my concealer.  It does last most of the day but I like to keep it in my handbag to touch up throughout the day anyway.  It's just amazing!

Another Maybelline product.  This one comes in two shades depending on your hair colour. It has 3 different shades of bronze running through it so it has a really natural finish and doesn't look too muddy.  Also great for contouring.

Two drugstore products that I love for my eyebrows and always use are this pencil by Barbara Daly for Tesco.  It comes out quite light so you can build the colour up and again comes in two colours depending on your hair colour.  The other product is a clear gel mascara by MUA but I use it to set my brows and hold them in place.  This really works AND it's only a pound!

Two different types of eyeliners that I like to use.  One for everyday is the Bourjois khol liner.  This is a really dark colour which I love on my dark eyes.  It's super soft and lasts for hours.  The other liner by Barry M is more liquid which I use on nights out etc.  I'm not the best at applying liquid liner and this makes it so much easier as it's just like using a pen to draw it on.  However, it does give quite a thick line.

Sleek do some really good eyeshadow palettes and I just want all of them!  They have everything from bright colours to neutral to matte to glitter.  You get 12 colours in each palette for £8 which is just a bargain!

Mascara: Bourjois Volume Clubbing in absolute black

Another Bourjois product!  This mascara is really thickening and you can either apply a little for a daytime look or build it up for a more intense night time look.  So don't be put off by the 'clubbing' part because you can totally wear this for daytime and it makes your lashes look super long.

This is such a pretty colour and quite subtle as I'm not one for wearing a bright blush.  It really does last all day/night and has a slight sheen to it which gives a gorgeous glow.

I have a tonne of these lipsticks as they're only £1 and I love them so much I couldn't even tell you my favourite.  They are super pigmented and although they only last a couple of hours I really don't mind when they are such a bargain :)

Lauren xx


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