How To Create Massive Voluminous Hair

I don’t know about you but I absolutely LOVE having big hair so I thought I would do a really simple step-by-step guide of how I get my hair big.

1.         I find it always helps by washing your hair with a volume creating shampoo and conditioner.  Also, when your hair is freshly washed it is normally more fluffy and bouncy which is perfect for achieving this look.

2.         Then dry your hair in the usual way but at the end tip your head upside down and give the roots a good blast.  This will make the cuticles dry in the opposite direction and help push them up.

3.         Then you want to take sections of your hair and roll it up into Velcro rollers.  Leave these in for about an hour.  I also like to give mine a little spray with hairspray for extra hold.

4.         Then you want to get a volumising spray or a root lifting product to spray into the roots and massage through.  This will help lift the roots even more.  You can also try dry shampoo which works just as well.

5.         You can just leave the look there and add your own style.  I sometimes like to take the top section, push it up slightly and pin into place.  Then I’ll add some shine spray to the bottom section I’ve left down and lastly spray the whole thing with hairspray so it all stays in place.

And that’s pretty much it.  Simple right!  I hope you enjoy creating this look as much as I do.

Lauren xx

Instagram and Twitter: wonky_lauren


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