How To Cream Highlight & Contour

Ever since Kim Kardashian posted that contour and highlight photo there has been a mega craze in the beauty world to achieve this look.  Here is just a step-by-step guide of how I create this look using cream products.  I prefer to use cream products to really get this look to be flawless as I find that powders can sometimes look a little harsh and obvious.

Before you start you want to make sure you have already primed your skin and applied foundation.  Make sure the foundation is a liquid or cream based one and not powder or this won’t work.  You can’t put liquid over powder, only the other way around.

Firstly I take a light concealer with a yellow tone as this is the same tone as my foundation, to highlight certain points of my face.  I’ve done lines on my chin, above my lip, around my nose, in between my eyebrows, above my brow bone and along the bottom of my cheeks.  Then taking a foundation brush I am going to blend this all out.  I used Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in light


For the next steps I take a light concealer with a pink tone as this is opposite to my foundation meaning it will counteract and eliminate dark circles under my eyes and make them look more awake.  I put 3 spots of this under each eye and then blend it all out.  I used MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW20


Then the last step is to take a cream bronzer or a cream foundation that is 4-5 shades darker than your usual one on a contour brush or a large tapered brush.  Then you run this underneath your cheek bones, brushing in the direction up towards your ear.  Then put a little around your temples and along the top of your forehead.  Then as before, you want to blend it all in.  The key to this look really is just to blend blend blend!  If you still have quite harsh lines then you can go back with your foundation brush and lightly blend that over it.  If the bronzer comes down too far on your cheeks you can go back with your concealer and add more to the bottom of your cheeks.  The bronzer I have used is Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel You can also put a little under your bottom lip to make them look fuller.


Then once you’ve completed these steps you can set it all with a good powder.  I like to use Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in translucent Then you can finish the rest of your make-up adding blush and lipstick etc.  Sometimes I will also do my eyes first for this depending on how dramatic I am doing them as I may need to add concealer after to cover up any fall down from the eye shadow but it’s up to you.

Finished with rest of make-up
Finished before rest of make-up

I hope you enjoy re-creating this.

Lauren xx


  1. I really need to give cream contouring a go, do you powder contour after you cream contour as well?

    1. I normally just put a translucent powder over top to set it but I might try a powder contour for more dramatic looks. I really want to get the Kat Von D shade and light palette x


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