Current Skin Care Routine

This is my current skin care routine that I have probably been doing for the most part of this year and it's really worked for me.  My skin is so clear and I hardly ever suffer with breakouts.  I generally prefer to do this routine in the night time before I go to bed as opposed to the mornings when I have less time.

So I start off removing my make-up with Pure face wipes and I actually get these from the £1 shop  I'm not too fussed which kind of face wipes I use, anything that will get the majority of my make-up off before I start my proper skincare routine will do.

Next I splash warm water over my face and wash it with Johnson & Johnson Softly Foaming Facial Wash.  I actually bought this last year and I don't know if they sell it anymore but you can buy a similar product here  I squirt 2 pumps of this onto my finger tips and massage it all round my face and under my chin.  Then I splash my face again with warm water to remove it all.  I then pat my face dry using a clean towel.  Twice a week I like to swap this product for my Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant which just gets off any dry skin that has built up.  I only do this twice a week because anymore is too harsh for my skin and if you keep scrubbing at your skin everyday it will produce more oil and you will get more breakouts!

Then next step is to take my L'Oreal Eye Make-Up Remover which I am absolutely loving at the moment and remove any excess eye make-up that didn't come off with the face wipe and has probably now formed panda eyes.  I use cotton pads to do this.

Once my face is clear of all dirt and make-up I use a toner by No7.  I don't believe they have the one that I have anymore but you can find a similar one here  I put 3 blobs of this onto a cotton pad and then wipe it over my t-zone and around my nose.  I only put it over the areas where my pores are largest.  I don't really know why I do this but I find toners are quite drying and so I don't like to put it over the areas of my skin which are dry and dry them out even more.  Also, the purpose of a toner is to close the pores that have been opened whilst washing in warm water so that's why I put it on my larger pores.  So many people skip out the toner step but I think it's actually the most important step.  If you don't use a toner then you won't close any of the pores, leaving them open to more dirt and more blemishes.

Then I use Simple Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich moisturiser all over my face and down my neck.  This moisturiser is quite thick which I like because my skin is quite dry and if I'm putting it on before I go to bed I know it will be completely soaked in by the time I wake up.

Then the last step is to go in with an under eye cream to prevent any wrinkles and for this I use Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair which is nice and thick and has lots of lovely vitamins in it :)  I put this in the corner of my eyes, under my eyes and around the top of my eyes.  I just lightly dab this on with my finger.

And that's my full skin care routine.  I hope you enjoy reading this post and checking out the products I like to use.

Lauren xx


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