Outfit of the Day and New Highlighted Hair!

Hey guys,

I thought I would do a two in one blog post today because I wanted to talk about my new highlighted hair but didn't think that would be very long so I've thrown in an 'outfit of the day' post as well.  Double whammy!

I'll start with my outfit as this is actually an outfit I wore on Sunday.  Sunday I went with my friend along the King's Road in Chelsea to do some shopping and then watch a movie at the cinema.  I didn't end up buying much as we didn't shop for long because we also wanted to catch up over coffee before seeing the film.  The film we saw was The Heat starring Sandra Bullock and is so so funny you have to see it!!

We did go into Zara on Duke of York Square which is my favourite Zara ever!  Zara is one of my favourite shops anyway because I think it has so many different types of clothes (and furniture now!) to suit everyone.  You've got your smart clothes, work clothes, glam going out clothes, gym clothes, laid back casual clothes etc etc.  I did see some neon yellow faded skinny jeans which I may go back and purchase.  They also had some neon vest tops which look great with a tan or just to throw on with a pair of jeans and blazer to jazz up a plain look.

Anyway, onto the outfit.  The blazer I'm wearing is from Tesco.  I actually purchased this on eBay as I was looking for one of the 'fantasy blazers' from Zara and I saw this.  I think it was only £25 or something originally and I paid £15 for it on eBay.  It was brand new.  It's a lovely bright blue and just makes such a difference to a boring outfit.  The shirt that I have is just a plain cream one from New Look.  It drapes down slightly longer at the back. This is just handy to go with any kind of look where you need a plainer top.  I also like to tuck it into floral skirts.  The jeans are from River Island.  They have that waxy kind of finish and are super skinny.  I love them because they make your legs look thinner and longer and pull everything in. They just make me feel kinda sexy when I'm wearing them haha.  And then to complete the look I wanted a more casual feel as it was just a Sunday shop and cinema trip so I went for wedged trainers.  This way I still had a bit of height. These I got from Dorothy Perkins.  I think they were £40 but I got them in the sale for £20 and they had them in beige too.

Then last night I had my hair done.  I get bored with my hair so quickly and the colour had really faded so rather than go dark again I thought I would go a little lighter and have a few highlights pulled through.  As it is summer now I just thought this was rather apt and then I will probably go darker again in winter.

I do like it but where I had a slightly red colour on before it hasn't completed washed out and so I have been left with a reddy colour with golden highlights.  I'm gonna give it a week to get used to it.  I don't hate it but it's not exactly how I wanted it.  Fortunately for me my sister is a hairdresser so I can pretty much get my hair done whenever and I only have to treat her to take-away and she's happy!

Well that's enough from me today.  I hope you enjoyed this post.  Be sure to check out my latest video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8W2EjUXz6Y and follow me on Instagram: fash_swag24 and Twitter: wonky_lauren.

Thanks xx


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