My Favourite Lipsticks

Here is a few of my favourite lipsticks I am loving at the moment...


Most of my favourite lipsticks are actually by MAC.  I think they just have such a good choice of colours and finishes with something to suit everyone.  They are about £15 to buy in the UK which I don't think is too bad for a good 'high-end' lipstick.

My first favourite is the colour 'Impassioned'.  This is a bright pink colour and is part of the amplified collection which means it is a very vibrant colour.  I particularly like this colour on blue eyes as it looks really nice when I have my blue contacts in.

The next colour I'm loving from MAC is called 'Morange'.  This again is from the amplified collection so a very bright vibrant colour.  It's a vivid orange with a slight reddy tone. This is a good statement lipstick if you just wanted to have a bold lip and nature eyes.

The next colour I love from MAC is very aptly named 'Snob' (he-he).  This is a pale pink colour and has a satin finish.  Its very girly and goes quite nice with a black smokey eye.  I took this colour to Ibiza bcos I couldn't take too many lipsticks and I knew this would go with a lot.

My last favourite colour from MAC (for the time being anyway!) is called 'Rebel'.  This is a very popular colour and I struggled to buy it at first.  It's like a dark pinky plum colour and is perfect for winter.  Obviously it looks nice in summer too and in fact this was another one I took to Ibiza.  It's a good bold lipstick and goes well with a nature eye.


The other brand of lipsticks that I love is the drug-store brand Make-Up Academy.  Their lipsticks cost just £1 and come in a variety of colours.  When I first purchased these lipsticks I was originally wanting to buy Costa Chic by MAC but it was sold out.  So I thought I would try to find a similar coral colour and for a £1 I didn't think I could go wrong, and I didn't!  These are the two corals that I found...

Firstly there was the colour Juicy.  This is a more pinky coral and perfect for a daytime look.  The other colour is called Nectar and this is a slightly more brighter coral with an orangey tone to it.  So I couldn't choose between the two and for a £1 I thought 'Heck, I'll just get them both!'  I really really love these colours.  They're quite glossy and give a really nice finish.  They do last a couple of hours too so I was dead impressed with these and will definitely be purchasing a few more!


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Thanks xx


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