Summer Essentials

Hey guys!

So my first blog post is going to be about my favourite and must have summer essentials.  It's June now and the sun is attempting to shine today so I figured it seemed apt to write a post about things I will be needing and using this summer.  Here's my top 5.

1. Fake Tan

Now we all know the weather in London can be pretty rubbish most of the time so generally my tan comes in a can.  Now I like to use a variety of fake tans depending on where I'm going and how much of a glow I feel I need.  If I'm going 'out out' then I like to use Fake Bake Original Self Tanning Lotion.  This gives me quite a dark tan which I really like for nights out.  It's dead easy to apply and I normally do this using a mitt.  If I just want a bit of colour when I'm going to work in the summer then I like to use Superdrug's Solait Tinted Bronzing Lotion.  This is so cheap and really does do a good job.  Again I apply it using a mitt and it doesn't go patchy at all.  Then when I want to just top up my tan I will use a gradual tanner.  My favourites are Dove Summer Glow and St Tropez Everyday.  Also, remember with fake tanning to always exfoliate every few days in the shower to avoid build up.

2. Sun Cream

Okay so I know I said we never get the weather here but it's always important to wear a little SPF everyday anyway because there are still harmful rays emanating from the sun.  These can cause our skin to age amongst other things.  In the winter I would usually just wear it on my face but in the summer when the sun is stronger then all over body is good just in case.  My favourite brand of sun cream is Ambre Solaire and I like to use SPF 20 on my body and SPF 30 on my face.

3. Heat Protect for Hair

As well as our skin, our hair can also feel the harshness of the sun and so I like to apply a little heat spray on my hair when the weather is warmer.  You can use a similar product to what you would use before using straighteners or curling tongs on your hair or you can buy a product especially formulated for protecting against the sun.  These products are also useful on holiday because they generally protect against sea water and chlorine too.  My favourite is L'Oreal Colour Vibrancy Dual Protect Spray.  This is especially good if, like me, you have coloured hair.  You can spray is on every few hours or whenever you feel like your hair is getting a bit dry.  It will protect in up to 450 degrees heat!

4. Sunglasses

My next must have for summer are a pair of sunglasses.  I'd say I'm pretty obsessed with sunglasses.  I probably own about 40 pairs!  They're not all expensive.  Topshop do some great sunglasses.  But my ultimate faves have to Ray-Ban.  At the moment I have the black wayfarers and gold aviators.  I love these two styles because I think they suit everyone.  You can also get some really good similar looking styles at places like Topshop, Accessorize and Primark.  Next on my list is some John Lennon style sunnies!  Although I'm not sure whether I could pull these off.... we'll see.

5. Wedges

Lastly my ultimate summer essential would have to be a good pair of wedges.  I absolutely love shoes and have an even bigger obsession over these than I do with sunglasses.  Last year I counted over 400 pairs of shoes in my flat, wow!  I would say I probably buy a new pair each week.  No exaggeration.  Anyway, wedges are GREAT for summer because they're so comfortable but still give you a bit of height.  They dress up any outfit without looking too dressy, if that makes sense?  Recently I have bought two great pairs of wedges.  The first ones have a wooden wedge and then gold and nude straps.  I got these from Lucy's Boutique and I absolutely love them.  They are so summery and I'm sure I will be wearing them lots.  The second pair have a ropey kind of wedge with black straps.  These are from Kurt Geiger so they were a little expensive but I figured as they were black I would probably get a lot of wear out of them, therefore they're an investment, right?!  These are also great because they go with everything and I'd been looking for ages for a really good pair of black wedges.

Well that concludes my first blog post.  I hope you all found it useful.  Let me know in the comments box and feel free to follow me on instagram: @fash_swag24 and twitter: @wonky_lauren.

I've also done a Youtube video on this post so be sure to check that out!

Thanks xx


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