How To Get Over Heartbreak

Everyone will experience heartbreak at some point in their lives.  Whether it's a failed relationship or the loss of a loved one.  It sucks and it hurts.  Like, it really really hurts but in a weird sort of way I think it's a good thing that everyone should go through because it makes your stronger and realise that you can get over anything.

Obviously there are some situations that are more difficult than others and everyone deals with things differently but I think what's important to realise is that to not compare your situation to others.  If you are going through something bad and so is someone else except you think there's is not as bad as yours, don't question it.  You don't know the details and what's bad for you could be worse for someone else.

There's no timescale for how long it's going to take to get over your heartbreak.  Again, everyone is different you just have to go through the motions and find ways to ease the pain or learn to cope.  For me, I found the biggest help was to change my routine.  It sounds off but by having a different daily and weekly routine from before the heartbreak almost felt like I was starting afresh instead of being stuck in my past.

Keeping busy also really helps and surrounding yourself with happy positive people.  I lived by myself when I was going through the heartbreak but I decided to rent out my spare room just to have someone else around.  I also booked loads of holidays and really threw myself into my studies and work.

How do you cope with heartbreak?

Lauren xx

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