Sunday Mood

I think Sundays are actually becoming my favourite day of the week.  When I was a child I used to dread them because it always meant school the next day and even though I now have work on a Monday I still make sure to fill my Sundays with lots of exciting plans and make the day as productive as possible so that when Monday comes around I don't regret wasting it moaning about what was inevitable.

This past Sunday was extra special as the Monday was a bank holiday and who doesn't love a 3 day weekend!  I went to see Busted at The 02 on Friday night which was bloody amazing.  They were my favourite band growing up so I couldn't wait to see them again 12 years later!  Then Saturday I was up early for my friend's wedding in Kent which took us 2 hours to reach from London.  

The wedding was absolutely perfect because we had such good weather for a start, the bride looked gorgeous and they are literally my favourite couple in the whole world!  It was such a blessing to see them get married after knowing them for almost 8 years.  The ceremony and reception was held at a really cute place in Ashford called The Secret Garden.

So anyway, back to Sunday.  After having a full packed weekend thus far I decided Sunday would be the day of ultimate bliss and relaxation.  I woke up late, did some yoga and then went to the shop for some snacks.  I then took a walk around the park (although not for too long as the weather took a turn on Sunday!).

I then came back with my snacks and pizza and vegged out catching up on Hollyoaks and Made in Chelsea.  By the end of the night I felt completed well rested and ready to tackle Monday with some housework and errands.  It's so nice having an extra day to do all those things and still have 2 days to relax and enjoy!

How do you spend your Sundays?

Lauren xx


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