Mix or Match?

I used to always be a real matchy matchy kinda girl and everything had to match right down to my nail varnish.  Now I love mixing colours and prints, different tones and shades, the more clashing the better.  However, I recently realised that it's important to get the balance and that there's a time and a place for mixing and matching.

With wedding season kicking off and attending two already this year I would say this would be an occasion where matching is key.  For the first wedding I wore an orange dress with similar coloured wedges and clutch bag.  The second wedding I wore a pale blue dress with gold shoes and a gold bag.  I also painted my nails the same pale blue.

Holiday season however is the perfect occasion to mix it up.  My favourite thing to do when I go away is mix up my bikini tops and bottoms.  There's something just really fun about it PLUS it means you have so many different bikini options.

For work and in the office I like to keep it quite matchy but not too much so that I look boring and blend into the walls haha.  Generally I'll stick with neutrals (more in this post) and just add a pop of colour.

So when deciding whether to go matchy or mix things up I generally think of the occasion it's for and go from there.  It's so much fun mixing up outfits but I'm also loving co-ord sets at the moment too.

How about you, do you like to mix or match?

Lauren xx


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