My Perfume Collection

My perfume collection almost grew by accident, honestly!  I gradually kept adding to it over the years and then I wasn't able to get through them all and so now I have about 25 bottles.  Also, I had quite an obsession with the Paris Hilton perfumes and went through a stage of buying them all (don't knock them till you've tried them!) so there's that.

My Collection

Paris Hilton - Heiress
Kate Moss - Vintage
Christina Aguilera - Christina Aguilera
Paris Hilton - Can Can
Ted Baker - W
Paris Hilton - Siren
Christina Aguilera - Inspire
Paris Hilton - Fairy Dust
Kate Moss - Kate
Paris Hilton - Sheer
DKNY - Woman
Vera Wang - Rock Princess
Benefit - Maybe Baby
Vera Wang - Princess
Paris Hilton - Tease
Valentino - Rock n Rose
Marc Jacobs - Daisy
Chloe - Chloe
Kate Moss - Velvet Hour
Kate Moss - Vintage Muse
DKNY - Apple
Marc Jacobs - Dot

Phew!  When you write them all down like that you don't realise how many you have.  I think some of them are actually empty but they just have the prettiest bottles.  And also, I didn't realise what a fan I was of the celebrity perfumes!

My Favourites

Paris Hilton - Heiress (here)
Christina Aguilera - Inspire (here)
Benefit - Maybe Baby (here)
Paris Hilton - Tease (here)
DKNY - Apple (here)
Marc Jacobs - Dot (here)

Those are my top picks.  I love anything fruity and sweet!  Next on my list is Chance by Chanel although I've been waiting for a guy to buy that for me haha.  There's just something romantic about someone buying you Chanel isn't there?!

What's your favourite perfume?

Lauren xx


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