Inside My Toiletries Bag

I know summer is pretty much over now, well it is in the UK, Hello October!  But that doesn't mean you can't have a holiday.  In fact, my favourite time to get away is October/November for some winter sun so with that said here is my final installment of 'What's Inside My Bag' series unless I can think of any other type of bag I have!


Pretty obvious.  I like to go for either the mini travel size ones or a 2in1 bottle.


A mini size toothpaste is great especially if you're only travelling with hand luggage because of the restrictions.  I also like to find a toothbrush with a lid to stop it getting grubby inside the bag.  I normally just take a standard toothbrush rather than my electric one.

Hairbrush and Hair Ties

Hair ties are an essential if you're going somewhere hot so you can scrap all your head on top of your head like a pineapple (we all do it) round the pool or beach.  I normally just pack a comb in my toiletries bag for combing through wet hair and then have a Tangle Teezer in my carry on.

Makeup Remover Wipes

I keep these in my toiletry bag rather than my makeup bag.  So good if you don't want to carry your whole cleanser, toner and moisturiser especially the 3in1 wipes a lot of brands do.


That said, I can't go anywhere without my moisturiser as my skin is super dry and if I've been burnt by the sun this is a life saver.


You never know when those new sandals you bought might rub!

Body Lotion or Aftersun

After a long day in the sun it's important to re-hydrate your skin.  I really like using the St Tropez Everyday to give me a bit of added glow.

I think that pretty much covers the essentials, please let me know if you have any additions!

Lauren x


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