5 Workout Staples Every Woman Should Own

It feels like it's been a while since I wrote a fitness post.  Being healthy and keeping fit are so important to me and I workout most days.  You can see all the types of exercises I do in this post.  However, as I'm such an avid gym going it's also important that I invest in the right equipment in order for me to reach my maximum potential when working out.


Like most people, I simply cannot workout without music.  I generally do classes which provide it but if I'm going for a run I have to have my headphones with me.  If I don't I literally cannot do it or I do but then I feel like I'm not pushing myself as much.  I have these ones from Sony but I'm lusting over the Beats ones to go with my Beats Pill.

Sports Bra

If you're going to be doing a lot of running and cardio then it's important to invest in a good sports bra, an ordinary bra just won't do it.  Working out without the correct bra can be painful so a sports bra will stop them from bouncing around and getting in your way!  I just buy mine in Primark and they're fine for me but if you're of a larger bust you might want to invest in something like these from Shock Absorber.

Motivational Music

I guess this kind of goes in with headphones but if you workout at home then even better, you can blast that music as loud as you want (but maybe consider the neighbours ;))  Best of all, get some really motivational music like this album from Ministry of Sound which has a huge load of tracks to really push you and get your blood pumping!


Like a good sports bra, a good pair of trainers are also worth investing in.  You can go to places like Nike where they will fit you properly to make sure you have the right size but also the right trainer for your workout needs.  Running, cardio and biking will require different types of trainers so make sure you get the ones most suited for your training.


You must keep yourself hydrated whilst working out.  You will lose a lot of sweat and this needs to be replaced else you will feel weak and could pass out.  You need to make sure you're drinking lots before, during and after your workout to replenish your body.  Have a look at these cute water bottles from Sweaty Betty that you can take along to the gym with you.

What are your workout staples?

Lauren xx


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