Advice On Owning A Rabbit

Or any pet really!  It's just I currently have 2 rabbits so I thought that would be a more appropriate title.

That said, I've owned pets all my life.  We always had dogs when I was growing up as well as goldfish, hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs.  We also rode horses and now my mum has two cats that are currently staying with me whilst she is on holiday.  So I'd say I know a fair bit about looking after animals.  Plus I am a HUGE animal lover.

I'm not gonna lie, it's not the easiest job looking after a pet but once you get the hang of it it's fine.  It's all about getting into a routine and remembering that they are just like us really; they need food, water, a clean home and love to survive so don't neglect them!

In terms of my rabbits I like to clean their cage every 3 days.  I just put clean newspaper at the bottom and add some hay on top, simple as that.  They like a lot of food so I feed them once in the morning and again the evenings.  I try to mix it up between fresh food and dry.  I then just make sure their water bottle is always topped up.  In the evenings I'll let them run around the flat for a bit but making sure to watch them as they're cheeky and will try to bite through wires!

With the cats it's a similar routine.  I change their litter tray every other day by adding a litter bag over the tray and then a clean newspaper and litter pebbles.  They also get fed twice daily.

And with our dogs it's just a case of feeding them and making sure they get enough exercise.  We had a dog flap in our back door which would allow the dogs to run outside whenever they wanted.  We also took them to the park at weekends.

Please let me know if you have any questions about owning a pet and I will try my best to answer.  What pets do you have?

Lauren xx


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