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This weekend I went back in time and got all vintage and retro.  I love anything old fashioned with a bit of history and seeing how things have evolved over the years.


When my mum was about 21 she treated herself to not one but TWO Burberry macs, lucky her!  She told me the story of how her and her mum rushed over to Harrods early one Saturday to purchase these beautiful macs with her first pay cheque.  She must have been determined to get her money's worth because she still has them now.  Well, I have them ;)

So here is me styling the black one with some ripped jeans and a white crop top.  The style has changed slightly over the years and I think I would prefer it a little shorter but I love it all the same and will cherish it FOREVER haha.


There was a vintage festival going on this weekend so a friend and I went along to check it out.  They had bands and a DJ playing music from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.  They also had a huge collection of vintage cars and motorbikes including Herbie which I was very excited about (okay not the real Herbie but still)!

They had food trucks selling an array of British delicacies, a tent playing rock n roll with a dance floor and dancers doing the jive (or was it the hop??) and lots of activities for children such as a bouncy castle.  They also had stalls selling vintage clothes and music etc.  All in all it was a really lovely day, the weather was so hot and everyone was enjoying themselves.


We had a charity day at work on Friday with a bake sale, Pimms and other lovely food people had offered to cook in order to raise money for Whitechapel Mission.  Whitechapel Mission is a charity that works with the homeless and provides food and shelter for them. For more information or to donate visit their page here.

What did you get up to this weekend?

Lauren xx


  1. Looks like you had a fun weekend!! I love the coat so nice and lucky you is right!!



  2. That is a pretty incredible hand-me-down! You rock it! :)

    Kat ♥ www.pastelwhimsy.com

  3. That is a pretty incredible hand-me-down! You rock it! :)

    Kat ♥ www.pastelwhimsy.com

  4. cute pics! http://alovelystyle.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/shopping-bags.html

  5. That coat is on fleek :D


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