Thursday Ten: Thoughts We Have Before Going On A Date

Errr so this is my second post on dating in the last week, not sure what that means but anyway!  I thought it would be fun to share the silly, nerve wracking thoughts we get before going on a hot date.

1.  What am I going to wear??!

2.  Must.  Shave.  Everything.

3.  Hair up?  Hair down?

4.  I have nothing to wear!

5.  Simple make-up?  Dramatic make-up?

6.  Checking the mirror about 100 times before realising you're going to be late!

7.  Should I text him to make sure we're still on for tonight or play it cool?

8.  What if I don't hear from him??

9.  What should I talk about?

10.  Heels?  No heels?  How tall is he again?!

11.  Should I drink?  If so, how many without getting silly drunk and embarassing myself?

12.  And breatheeeeeeeeeeeeee.

So I added a couple of extra ones just because there are actually so many thoughts that run through my head before a date, I didn't realise!  I wonder if guys do this too?  Nahhhh.

What do you think about before going on a date?

Lauren xx


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