Thursday Ten: Single Girl Problems

I spent about 7 years being single so I could probably write a whole book on this but here are my top ten...

1. Everyone around you seems to be settling down and you're worried you're going to be left on the shelf.  I think this was the main one for me but patience is key and I know it's really cliche but as soon as you stop looking you will find!  So don't stress, just enjoy the time being single.

2.  You want to go out and meet guys but all your friends are in relationships.  Just get them to introduce you to their boyfriend's friends instead.

3.  Having a really great guy friend who likes you a bit more than a friend but you just don't see him that way.

4.  Having no plus one to weddings.  Sometimes can be a reminder of your singleness and make you feel alone but turn it around and see the positive that sometimes weddings are great ways to meet people!

5.  No couple holiday.  Holidays with friends are great but it can be completely different to going away as a couple and have a romantic get away.

6.  Sleeping alone.  Make the most of it I say.  Double bed to yourself = sleeping like a starfish!

7.  Having to pay for everything yourself.  Not that you should date someone just for their money but sometimes it is nice to be spoiled, treated and have your dinner paid for.

8.  Meeting someone online and they look different to their photo.  Awkward.

9.  Means girls that have lovely boyfriends.  Just unfair.

10.  Feeling pressure from your family about settling down and starting a family.  This is the 21st century most girls want a career first.

I hope this post wasn't depressing!  It's just meant to be a bit of fun.  For every single girl problem there is a single girl perk, it just doesn't feel like it sometimes.  Just remember, always be yourself and never rush a good thing :)

Lauren xx

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