Holiday Beauty Essentials

When I went to Ibiza last month I only went for 4 nights so I decided to only take hand luggage with me.  It obviously works out cheaper to only take hand luggage but it also limits the amount of stuff you can take, especially restrictions on liquids and creams.
In my make-up bag I packed:
BB Cream
Brow pomade
Brow gel
1 small eye shadow palette
Eye liner
False eyelashes
3 lipsticks
I know it seems a lot but it all fitted nicely into my Ted Baker makeup bag and were all under the 100ml limit. 
I also packed makeup wipes to take it all off at the end of the night. 
I didn't pack any skin care stuff as I thought for 4 nights it was not necessary and my skin always really clears up in the sun anyway so I felt that was enough.  However, a lot of shops such as Tesco and Boots do really good mini bottles that you can pour your favourites moisturisers and face washes into.  I think when I go away in November for 2 weeks then I will pack skin care stuff as I'll be taking a big suitcase!
What are your holiday beauty essentials?
Lauren xx


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