Me, Myself & Make-Up

We’re going back in time for today’s post to look at how make-up trends have changed over the years and my own relationship with make-up.

Funnily enough I was never a great lover of make-up.  It never really excited me and I never found myself always wanting to buy new stuff when I went out.  My make-up bag was never overfull and I didn’t have much of a clue how to apply it. 

I don’t think I was ever desperate to wear make-up when I was little.  I think maybe I was more of a tomboy!  I think I first got into make-up when I was about 14 and started to go to under 18 discos (remember them?!).  I used to borrow a bit of my mum’s make-up and then throw on a tonne of glitter.  I remember wearing lilac eyeshadow to match my lilac outfit.  Something I would never do now bcos I hate anything that’s ‘matchy matchy’.

I think I properly started to wear make-up when I was 16 and I got my first part-time job.  I went to an all girl secondary school so never felt the need for make-up before that and I’ve always had pretty good skin.  When I did start to wear it properly I kept it very minimal.  Only mascara, eyeliner, bronzer and blusher.  Except I used to apply the bronzer all over my face and looked pretty orange!

In fact, it has only really been the last two years that I started wearing more and I changed this routine learning how to properly apply make-up thanks to YouTube!  Now I’m absolutely obsessed and can’t get enough it the stuff.  Every payday I rush to Boots and easily spend about £100 on make-up and skincare (mainly make-up!)

So that's my beauty story. Some key moments that really stick out for me along the way. Beauty is such a small part of people's lives but for some of us, it's one of the most enjoyable.  I don't mind if that sounds sad and I'm happy I let myself become obsessed with it all because it's nice to feel passionate about something, no matter what it is. 

Lauren xx

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