Are Your Legs Shorts Ready?

Yay for more summery posts!  I can’t believe the sun has still got his hat on here in the UK.  The weekend was a bit misog but during the weeks have been nice and bright and I hear we’re in for a 2 week heatwave!

So that means we must make the most of the weather and get our legs out but for most of us this can be pretty daunting especially if we’re not ‘shorts ready’.  Here are a few little tips I wanted to share with you on how I prepare my legs for the warmer weather.

Firstly in the shower I like to exfoliate.  This is going to get rid of any dry patches of skin, any old fake tan, unclog any ingrown hairs and make your legs nice and smooth.

Secondly I take my razor blade and de-hair my legs.  Not the most glamorous thing to talk about but needs must!  I usually just buy the Bic disposable ones and the shaving cream that goes with it and that does a good enough job for me.  If my legs are particularly hairy if we are just coming out of winter and I’ve been hiding them in tights for 6 months then I might buy a Veet wax kit and wax them.  This also helps with future shaving as they don’t grow back as fast or as thick.

Then after I get out the shower and have completely dried off I go in with my fake tan.  I prefer to use lotion tans such as Fake Bake or Superdrug Solait with a mitt to apply it over my body using circular motions.  I normally top up my tan every 3 days.

On the days in between fake tanning I will use a moisturiser to keep my tan and also keep any dry patches at bay and just keep my legs soft and smooth in general.  Sometimes I use one with a gradual tanner in it or sometimes I just use a regular one.  At the moment I’m swapping between St Tropez Everyday and Victoria Beckham’s one that came with her perfume set because it smells really lovely.

How do you like to keep your legs prepared for summer?

Lauren xx

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